E-Collate Applications

The E-Collate system is currently in development for the following areas.

E-Collate for Self-Managed Super Funds

E-Collate allows SMSF trustees and members to stay on top of paperwork and communications regarding their retirement funds.

The E-Collate system allows the end-user to get paperwork in order as much as possible prior to seamless sharing of key documents with financial and legal service providers for the annual tax return and compliance audit.

E-Collate for Administration

E-Collate enables corporate administrators to collect and manage information that is collated across their subordinate departments.

This cloud-supported system is a tool to trace business communications and economic exchange between collaborators, helping administrators make sensible business decisions based on the collated information.

E-Collate for Education

E-Collate can optimize education management and allow communications within educational institutions to be more efficient and organized.

E-Collate enables professors to manage their academic interaction with their students, greatly relieving the workload of teaching staff, demonstrators and tutors by streamlining their electronic communications with students.

E-Collate for Reimbursements

E-Collate provides a seamless system to generate reports for reimbursements using receipts and other supporting evidence collected from multiple platforms.

The app enables staff in a corporate environment to report their expenditure and claim reimbursements while presenting finance staff in the organisation with more useful information to work with.

E-Collate for Taxation

E-Collate enables end-users to manage and classify their personal and corporate tax information in a more efficient and convenient way.

The app assists with annual tax compliance requirements by acting as a messaging store and portal for communications with financial advisors and accountants.

E-Collate for Projects

E-Collate is built for collation of key project documents from across multiple platforms and meshing this with financial data.

The E-Collate system allows project leadership teams to pool documents and messaging regarding specific parts of their project. This allows teams to work more closely together while on the move.